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All Aboard the Winter Park Express

January 26, 2020
It feels like a fairy tale to hop aboard a train in the city where a magical ride into the mountains unfold as you ascend up the snow capped mountains and dropped off slopeside at the resort. This fairy tale can come alive when you take the Winter Park Express.
Taking place on weekends from January 10th to March 29th, 2020, the Winter Park Express runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Experience this unique journey from downtown Denver at the Union Station.  Book a weekend trip to Winter Park to enjoy the slopes and mountain life.  Tickets can be purchased for one way or round trip.  
What better method to travel into the mountains than to relax and enjoy the beautiful train ride to Winter Park.  This may be the perfect option if you or your family are flying into Denver International Airport.  Make transportation easy with no fuss of car rentals by taking the shuttle to Union Station where the Winter Park Express can get you to the mountains.  Fly in on a weekend, stay the week, then depart the following weekend.  
Not enough time for a full week vacation?  No problem; fly in Thursday night or Friday morning, take the train, then depart that Sunday back to Denver.  The options are easy and this is a more affordable way to travel.
Whether with kids, a group, or an intimate getaway; the Winter Park Express is a beautiful way to experience getting from the City to mountains in relaxing, convenient setting.  For more information on price and timing, check out https://www.winterparkresort.com/plan-your-trip/getting-here/winter-park-express


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