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That’s a Wrap for Ski Season 2022-23

May 15, 2023

As of April 23rd, ski season 2022-2023 has officially come to a close in Winter Park. Wanting to reminisce on the good times- or curious about what you missed? Read on!


Snow Totals 

One of the many things that made the 2022-2023 ski season so memorable was the impressive snowfall! This year, the snow total dwarfed last year's total. In fact, we saw the second highest total that Winter Park has seen since before 2012. 103 wonderful days of snow brought the seasonal total to 403 inches! Each day of this year's storms dropped up to 17 inches of snow. It was a fabulous season for snow sports. 

Even the spring skiing was fantastic! Late season storms brought feet of snow, adding to the already stellar snowpack. 


Season Highlights 

U.S. Freestyle Selection Events 

From Jan. 9-12, 130 talented athletes from all over the world descended on Winter Park Resort for the annual U.S. Freestyle Selection Events. Competitors raced down moguls and hit jumps at the Ambush Mogul Course as a part of the International Ski Federation competition. It was stunning to see! 

90s Retro Bash

Winter Park knows how to party! One of the most exciting parties of the season was the 90s Retro Bash on April 15. Guests dressed up in throwback gear to compete in a costume contest, enjoyed 90s throwback concerts, played games, and more. Even the snacks were 90s-themed! 

Bobby Brown's Red Bull Cascade

The inaugural Red Bull Cascade took place in April. This was a creative new competition during which twelve riders (including legends like Torin Yater-Wallace and Alex Hall, along with a selection of up and coming athletes) were dropped into a two-mile course full of twists and turns. Scoring was unique in that it incorporates interpretation as well as technical skills into the rankings. The event also emphasized filmmaking! 


What's Next?

Wondering what to expect from the 2023-2024 ski season? Expect great things! Construction on Seven Oaks Park, a project to add more greenspace, is under way. Additionally, Pioneer Express is being replaced with a new lift that running the same alignment as Pioneer but adding a much needed mid-loading station at the intersection of the Big Valley and Pioneer Express Trail runs. Along with improvements around town, you can expect fun events and sensational snow!

It is never too early to start planning for your next ski trip! With a season pass, you'll get unlimited access to Winter Park Resort and 3,000 acres of unspoiled terrain. All passes can be purchased on the resort website.

Another great option for avid skiers is the Ikon Pass, which gets you unlimited access to 15 destinations around North America including Winter Park, plus limited access at a huge variety of other resorts. 

Missing Winter Park? Share some of your ski season memories in the comments! 

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