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The Countdown to Winter Park Opening Day

November 28, 2020

The countdown is on. Winter Park Resort is opening next week!  Just a few more days until we kick off the much anticipated 2020/21 season ahead.

This brings a lot to be thankful and grateful for. 2020 has undoubtedly been a tough year in regards to the abrupt changes, challenges, worry of health and various loss with Covid-19. It has not all been doom and gloom though and I have taken these past few months to try and appreciate what good has come from these challenges. More quality, wholesome time. Less rushing. Appreciating the things I easily took for granted. Skiing and riding for example; I never thought the sports we loved would be shut down and in jeopardy of participating in. Sure, injuries can happen causing a similar approach. But, for the industry as a whole to shut down so abruptly last March (along with many other things).

This year I celebrate how hard the ski and riding industry has worked to get our mountains open to the public to enjoy. I know it cannot be an easy task with all the Covid-19 mitigation plans in place. Plans have been carefully crafted to keep us safe while still enjoying the resort.

Photo: Reminder why we love the mountains to ski and ride on. Pure bliss.


Below are some steps and updates to Winter Park’s Covid-19 plan to help everyone enjoy a safe experience.

-Masks are required inside, outside, while on chairlifts and while in line. Everyone must have a mask or face covering on, except when riding down the mountain. This seems like a win/win. Safety is in place while also keeping warm under that mask!

-More outdoor dining options are available to help keep people spaced out. The resort is creative in offering ample outdoor space and outdoor food options. Another win/win… sit back in an Adirondack chair and enjoy the incredible views while chowing down on some delicious food and drink.

-Praise this… at this time reservations are not required for pass holders. Enjoy the mountain as you please. However, the resort is asking that pass holders try to avoid those peak days when possible. This is a benefit to you. Less crowds when avoiding popular weekends and holidays. I personally love the Monday or mid-week ski day to avoid crowds and enjoy the fresh snow.

-Friends and Family tickets will still be honored! It is recommended to purchase those tickets online in advance.

-When using last year’s pass if renewed online, you can use it directly at the lift. Any questions should be addressed in advance.

-Lastly, large gatherings at cars will not be permitted at any of the parking lot. People are still welcome to cook and eat at their cars, but need to stay with their carload only and no big groups are allowed to gather around the cars.

With these plans in place, Winter Park Resort is excited to welcome skiers and riders for this much anticipated winter season ahead. Lets remember to thank the employees for getting the resort ready and be thankful for the time we can be on the mountain.



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