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Why Winter Park is Worthy of Your Fall Travel Bucket List

September 5, 2023

Winter Park is a world-famous destination for winter travel. We all know that winter is wonderful- but did you know that fall is equally fantastic? If you only visit this marvelous mountain town when it is cold outside, then you’re missing out on a lot of fun! Fall is gorgeous in Winter Park. On top of the scenery, many of the town’s best festivals and activities can be enjoyed in fall. With smaller crowds and more affordable travel rates, there is a lot to love about fall travel in Winter Park. Here are a few reasons to visit Winter Park this fall.


Smaller Crowds

One of the biggest advantages of visiting Winter Park during the fall is the convenience of off-season travel. The crowds are sparse in Colorado’s top ski towns during the fall ahead of ski season. This means you'll have more space to enjoy the mountains and less traffic on the roads! It is easy to make the most of your visit. The prices are also a lot lower, so you’ll likely find great discounts on restaurants, activities, and transportation. The savings are helpful to have when you’re adventuring around this normally expensive town. In the fall, you can take advantage of all that Winter Park has to offer without waiting in long lines or breaking the bank! With all of the savings, you’ll be able to justify a second vacation!

Fall Foliage 

The fall foliage in Winter Park is fabulous. Set in sub-alpine country at the southern end of the Fraser Valley, the town is surrounded by breathtaking beauty. The fall season amplifies the beauty! As the aspen trees change color, the mountains come alive with vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. The sea of colors is sensational! It never fails to take my breath away.  

There are many great places to go leaf-peeping while you’re in Winter Park. Some of the best spots include Winter Park Resort, Cottonwood Pass, Wolf Park, and Granby Ranch. You’ll see fall foliage everywhere, though. No matter where you are in town, you’re guaranteed to see colorful leaves! 

Hiking is my favorite way to observe the fall foliage, but you can also opt to take in the views on a scenic drive, while horseback riding, or while on a gondola! 


The Great Outdoors

Whether you’re a fan of the fall foliage or not, you should definitely spend some time exploring the Great Outdoors in Winter Park this fall. This time of year, the weather is awesome for outdoor activities. The days are warm and sunny, with highs typically sitting in the mid-50s and low 60s. The weather doesn’t get much better for those looking to engage in hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, and other outdoor activities! Pack layers of clothing and get ready to have some awesome adventures!

Winter Park is surrounded by stunning scenery. Be sure to take some time to explore local nature. It is a shame to miss out on the landscape while you’re in town!

The fishing in Winter Park is phenomenal in the fall. The fish are more active at this time, and the mild weather means that fishing is more enjoyable. You’ll catch more fish and have a better time doing so! Some of the best fishing spots in the area include Fraser River, Colorado River, Lake Granby, and Grand Lake. If you hire a professional guide, then you may get exclusive access to the private Granby Ranch fishing areas. Expect to find lots of trout in the waters around Winter Park. 

If you like to golf, then you’ll be happy to know that fall is the perfect time to hit the links. The nice weather and smaller crowds make it easy to enjoy an afternoon on the green. Some of the popular golf courses in and around Winter Park are Pole Creek Golf Club, Granby Ranch Golf Course, Grand Elk, and Grand Lake Golf Club


Fall Festivals 

There are plenty of festivals and events that take place in and near Winter Park during the fall season. Some of the top events include Winter Park Art Festival (September 9-10, 2023) and Rocky Mountain Wine Festival (September 21-23, 2023). Events and festivals like these are excellent ways to immerse yourself in local culture. Keep an eye out for other exciting events. You never know what fun stuff will take place while you’re in the area! 

No matter what you choose to do in Winter Park this fall, you're sure to have a great time. The beautiful scenery, the mild weather, and the abundance of outdoor activities make Colorado a fantastic destination for a fall getaway. Be sure to come back in the winter, when ski season returns! 

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